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Our sunflower lashes were handcrafted to finish any makeup look with a specific intention in mind. It’s spaced precisely for every wisp to be thick and full. Its medium volume allows it to still have the look of a feathery curl.

These Sunflower lashes are an alternative and more tamed option to our Peony lashes.


One pair of Magnetic Eyelashes

One Magnetic Eyeliner

One Magnetic Tweezers

Magnets: 6 micro magnets

Material: Cotton band, Faux mink fur

Uses: 25-30 wears (if well maintained)

Style: Wispy, long length, subtle crisscrossed feathering.

Eye shape: Suitable for all eye shapes.

Length: 10-15mm

Band length: 34mm

How To Apply

Our Magnetic Eyelashes can be easily applied in 3 simple steps

1. Apply Magnetic Eyeliner, allow to dry 1-2 minutes.

2. Apply another layer of Eyeliner, the more layers the stronger the hold.

3. Stick the lashes in place and enjoy!

How To Remove

Apply a micellar or cleansing water to a cotton pad and press this on to your lashes. This will loosen the Magnetic Eyeliner from the lashes and they will come away from your eyes. We suggest doing it this way as it will protect your natural lashes and protect your eyelid skin from being tugged on.

How To Clean

Gently peel off any Magnetic Eyeliner from the back of the lash band and wipe off any eyeshadow or glitter with a damp cloth or makeup, check that the magnetic strip on the box is also free from residue and place the magnetic lashes back into the box to ensure that they keep its shape.

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