Applying False Eyelashes has never been easier!

Carefully remove the Magnetic Lashes from the case by picking the lash up from the end of the band. This will ensure you are not tugging on the lash hairs and keeping the shape of the lash.

You will need to measure the lash up against your eye to see if the lash is the correct size. To do this ensure that the lash sits on the lash line starting where your natural lashes start to where they end. If you feel the lashes are too long you can trim the lash and if you do, we suggest trimming the lash from the outer corner but ensuring that the end is a magnet with no loose cotton band. This will help the lash maintain its strong hold.

Apply the magnetic eyeliner along your lash line from inner to outer corner. The length of the eyeliner will need to be the length of the lash band. You want the thickness of the application to be the width of the magnet on the lash band. Wait 30-60 seconds for the liner to dry and then reapply a second coat this, will ensure a long-lasting hold.


If you struggle with applying eyeliner, we suggest using a dark eye shadow or a pencil liner above the lash line as a point of reference and then going over it with the magnetic liner.

Apply a small amount of mascara to your natural lashes to help them blend with the magnetic lashes naturally.

Concentrate the magnetic liner more on the inner and outer corner of your eye as the hold always lifts from these points first.

Do not place the lashes directly on your inner corner as it may irritate you, try placing them slightly away from the tear duct.

Using the tweezers hold the lashes in the middle and bring towards your eye. Line up the liner and outer corner and place the lashes onto the liner. Once the magnetic strip is on the liner gently press the lash into the inner corner of the eye working your way toward the outer corner. Finish by pinching the natural and magnetic lashes together.

How to apply Magnetic Eyelashes


How To Remove

Apply a micellar or cleansing water to a cotton pad and press this on to your lashes. This will loosen the Magnetic Eyeliner from the lashes and they will come away from your eyes. We suggest doing it this way as it will protect your natural lashes and protect your eyelid skin from being tugged on.


How To Clean

Scratch off any Magnetic Eyeliner from the back of the lash band and wipe off any eyeshadow or glitter with a damp cloth or makeup, check that the magnetic strip on the box is also free from residue and place the magnetic lashes back into the box to ensure that they keep its shape.