Vegan Eyelashes Fashion That Probably Won’t Fly

Undeniably, not everyone is blessed with dramatic eyelashes genetically. And, that is exactly why artificial eyelashes were invented in the first place. 

So, it doesn't matter whether you have good eyelashes already, magnetic eyelashes can always glamp up the scenario no matter who you are, or what you do.  

And guess what! 


The new flavor of the season across eye fashion trends is focused all on going vegan. That's right. Vegan eyelashes are certainly the latest eye fashion trend among others, and there’s no second thought about it. 


So, we thought it would be cool to introduce you to the best vegan eyelashes trends doing the rounds of the industry  and are probably gonna stay in vogue for long. 


Read on to find out more.


Glittery and romantic 

Girls have been dabbing glitter across their eyebrows and lips for years. This time, it’s a bit different  when you find yourself embracing the glittery style for your magnetic eyelashes.



Glittery cruelty free mink lashes usually have metallic accents and rhinestones in a sparking array of colors and have sterilized hair to give your comfort and confidence in tandem. 


To be honest, this particular trend is all about the quirky fun that everyone craves for once in a while.

Think about those all girls night outs, or may be a fun voyage with your beloved. You can totally rock this look with high ponytails and oversized earrings. 


Resurgence of classic long lashes with a twist 

Classic long eyelashes have refused to take a backseat no matter what trends may come and go. 


However, this time, their resurgence writes a new tale as it packs in delightful twists along the way. This season we have the long lashes in crisscrossed patterns, extremely light and double stacked to take the dramatic effect to newer heights. 


Also, this time, the eyelashes have ditched latex to make it accessible to all those who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes in general. 


Strip lashes with accents 

For anyone bent on pushing the envelope with the best vegan eyelashes trends, this one stands out above all. 


Although it retains the traditional strip lashes, these products have been innovatively designed to carry accentuated edges towards the outside for the perfect party vibe. 


If you plan on donning something feline and edgy for Halloween, this one can be the right pick, especially if you are going out as Cat Woman. Meow! 


The choice of celebrities 

You must have witnessed how celebs like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian sport cruelty free magnetic lashes in their Instagram pics. Well, why not get yourself a pair and join the bandwagon to win hearts all around ? 



This particular type of magnetic eyelashes are single layered and pack in the right punch being flirty and alluring at the same time. Easy to wear takeoff without the hassle of removing multiple sets each time.

The Wet Look 

With an increasing number of people turning to self care largely following the COVID season, the wet look of eyelashes is one thing that people are running after. This particular kind of vegan eyelashes uses finely cropped fans, ranging from anywhere between 0.03 to 0.07 mm. However, when you put them on , they  do appear pretty bold. 


In essence, the look is a close match to anyone with a glassy skin and for all those who want their eye fashion to pair right against a dewy skin. Well, no complaints there!


The more, the merrier

Inspired heavily from silver screen Hollywood, this particular trend is all about adding more volume to your lashes. It takes a combination of four to five lashes which works towards extending the length of lashes by 1 mm at least. Doing so significantly adds intensity to your lash line and does away using eyeliners. 

And don't you worry about any damage owing to lashes bulking up. These are way lighter than traditional magnetic eyelashes, and are completely safe to use.

So, there you go with the best vegan eyelashes trends that won't fall out of vogue anytime soon and deliver way better than your traditional mascara. If you are looking to buy magnetic lashes Australia, try picking one from the list above.