How To Style Your Eyelashes For Party Season

Pick up any fashion magazine and chances are you will be staring at models with beautiful, thick, and magnetic eyelashes. How you have wished often, if you can have such eyelashes yourself.

Fret not.

The secret lies in eyelash extensions; the one single, indispensable beauty component for your eyes that have ruled the roost of mainstream eye fashion for decades.

Eyelash extensions, no matter what size or colour, are believed to be the jewellery you wear on your face, and parties are seemingly the best occasion to flaunt them.

Magnetic eyelashes extensions exhibit the finest quality of cruelty free mink lashes that you can get today, and matches everyone’s eyes like it is a made-to-order thing.


So, if you are planning to head out partying with friends or family, don’t forget to wear your vegan eyelashes.

Just in case it’s the first time, or you haven’t had much experience wearing eyelashes, this guide can make your life easy.


Learn how to apply our eyelashes


Timing is important

When it comes to wearing lashes, you will need to time it right.

Magnetic eyelashes extensions are seemingly the last thing that you can wear before going out. In other words, you should be done with all your makeup, including mascara before you apply your lashes. As a matter of fact, it is the mascara that renders additional support to the lashes.


Also, do not apply any eye shadow after wearing your lashes extensions as it would make them appear dusty.

So, right after your makeup is done, you will need to glue your eyelid. Then, grip your eyelashes extensions in a manner that puts them right in front of your vision. Keep your eyes open and use an applicator for a perfect fit.

Remember, the glue you will use takes some time to dry. So, wait for around 30-40 seconds and by then the glue should get tacky enough to hold things in place.


Glam up your face

While cruelty free mink lashes alone can add sparkle to your eyes, you might opt for a colored mascara right ahead of your usual black strip. Doing so will add a nice background and render things to stand out.

If you are headed for a dim-light winter party or similar occasions, blue and green can be your color choices for the mascara.

However, if you prefer a bold look, you might as well slice off one third of the magnetic eyelashes extensions and go forward using the piece that’s longest. Remember, be careful to trim the band that’s there at the base of the extensions, and don’t slice the lash itself. Thus, when you have them finally on, it will glimmer and shine as you look around and blink.


 A few must know pointers on using magnetic eyelashes

  • Use the mid-length lashes extensions at the centre and the longer ones for the corners of your eyes. This will make your eyes look brighter and wider.

  • Aim for a simple makeup. Remember, your magnetic eyelashes are enough to go with just a rub of colour on your lips.

  • Always buy finest quality cruelty free mink lashes. They are extremely well made, and render an all natural look. Also, they are surprisingly weightless, and at times you might just forget that you are wearing them.

  •  No matter what you do, never ever pull the lashes. Chances are you might end up ripping apart your natural eyelashes along with the extensions.


Now that you know all about wearing eyelashes for parties, it’s time to get the show on the road. So, what are you waiting for? Get your magnetic eyelashes today, and be ready to turn heads wherever you go!