5 Ways How COVID Transformed Fashion Trends

There is no denying how COVID has turned the world upside down. 

Millions around the world have lost their jobs, and the staggering economy has forced them to rethink their expenditure. 

More so, retailers are scrambling to align themselves with changing habits of consumers, which in turn is witnessing a major shift in clothing, make-up, and accessories that people want to buy these days. 

As such, our relation with fashion is on an evolving spree. This post discusses five ways how fashion and beauty trends are changing post COVID

Embracing eyelash extensions 

No denying with masks covering a significant portion of our face, looking attractive is now a game with a tad bit of challenge. One can only imagine it's your eyes that need most attention. Hence, the sale of fake eyelashes has witnessed a surge (as much as by fifteen percent) like never before.

In Australia alone, magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner are fast disappearing from online stores and cosmetic store shelves all over. Mascara, besides false eyelashes Australia, is another product that witnessed a sales boost as much as by eleven percent.

Sunset for lip products 

On the contrary, we have a diminishing trend (five percent decrease)  in terms of lip products, like balms and lipsticks. It's obvious, women don't want their precious lip colors to get smudged behind their masks. Instead, working on their eyes and hairs seems to be a more viable option.


Its DIY for skin and haircare 

Skin care products, similar to magnetic eyelashes extensions, witnessed a steady demand, especially during the lockdown phase. Notable mentioning among them were skin vitalizers, natural soaps, hair color, and room fresheners with germ protection.

A newfound approach to casual wear 

In all probability, the corporate world post COVID is changing gears in terms of clothing. At least, that's been speculated by fashion gurus and experts where it is believed that people might just trade off their suits and ties for more athletic and sportswear when they return to office. 

Goodbye high heels 

Since March 2020, the sale of high heels and loafers have shown a downward trend (70 percent), and it seems it's going to stay the same in days to come.

So, by all means, its comfort and flexibility over style. No wonder slipper sales have doubled since April 2020, as people chose to oust high-end products for economic ones. 

Final Thoughts

From embracing fake eyelashes increasingly to ditching high heels, retailers are fast realizing the shifting trends of fashion and beauty. 

By all means, the shift is for a long term, and with consumers gradually adopting a safe stance to everything around them, such trends are looked at as being a more befitting approach.

Also, not to forget impulse buying is now going to be a thing of the past with limited sources of income from the majority of consumers around the globe.

What in your opinion has been the most significant change in fashion and beauty post COVID? 

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