5 Best Tips For Beginner Eyelash Artists

Beauty therapists and enthusiasts alike seem to have a thing for eyelashes extensions. These days, eyelash artists in Australia are in huge demand as clients want to deck up their eyes to turn heads in a party, wedding, or just about any social gathering they are invited to.


That means, as a professional eyelash artist, one has a lot of responsibility to make things work in her favor.


For all newbies in the profession, things are even more challenging. Hence, it is absolutely vital to establish their own brand to get ahead in the game.


Here are five expert tips for all beginner eyelash artists to pick up the basics, and unleash their best earning potential, and make a name for themselves.


Make social media your best friend 

You can’t afford to be a Timex watch in a digital world.


In other words, social media platforms with their sharp penetration into our lives sets the course of any business right. For a beginner makeup artist specializing in working with magnetic eyelashes extensions, it is necessary to build your online reputation to attract potential clients and boost your business.  


Tools like Facebook and Instagram, when used in the right way can be great marketing tools to depict your talent as a false eyelashes make-up artist. Here are a few pointers to get you going:


  • Use relevant hashtags to your line of work, like magnetic eyelashes extensions, professional vegan eyelashes artist, and so on. 
  • Use geolocation to show your area of service. This is crucial as the majority of clients will be from your local area only.

  • Share videos and photos of your work across several stages, like preparing the eyelashes, putting them on, final work, everything.

  •  If you run a salon, don’t forget to mention your address below each post.


Testimonial & Reviews

Reviews are another great tool to success as a professional eyelash extension artist. Every time you have a happy client or repeat customer, ask them proactively to leave a review. 


Besides, also request them to follow you on Instagram, and if possible share their look by tagging you in a post. In return, throw them a discount offer to entice them for their next visit.



Introducing client incentives is a great marketing strategy to get noticed.

The most popular choice, in this case, is the “Refer a Friend” discount. It not only helps you to grab new clients but also seals your repeat clientele list.  


Don’t ignore your personal connections

Your personal connections are comprised of your friends and family. To help grow your brand and people know about your eyelashes extension services, reach out to your friends and families and ask them to share your website link or social media profiles across their network. This will help you garner more visibility than ever, which means even more business.


Never miss an opportunity 

While harnessing the power of social media to establish your brand is great, it’s wise to keep offline options open too.


Design and print a stack of business cards, and carry them in your bag or wallet all the time. Doing so will help you be ready for a chance encounter with anyone who might require your services.


Yes, one might argue the idea of business cards to be a tad bit obsolete, but it still renders effective when you add essentials to it.


Give everyone a reason to hold on to your business card forever. To do so, mention a discount offer on your services to anyone who produces the business card when visiting your salon.


Wrap up

Building your identity as a professional eyelashes extensions artist can be overwhelming at times. However, by following the above tips, you can always be one step ahead of your competitors and usher a steady stream of clients your way.