3 Emerging Eye Fashion Trends In 2021

The year 2020, in the recent history of mankind, is perhaps the most dreadful year that one has encountered. 


From wearing masks to keeping sanitizers in our pockets, we have matured into a different breed altogether. 


Like everything else, makeup trends too have witnessed significant changes. More so focusing on the eyes, since our masks aren't going away anytime soon. Having said that, 2021, as predicted by professional makeup artists, is destined to witness eye fashion trends more than ever. 


From coloured to unusual curls, textures, and embellishments, this post discusses three emerging eye fashion trends to look forward to.

A rainbow of colors 

If you are looking to embrace the latest eye fashion trend, coloured cruelty free magnetic lashes can be your go-to option. 

An absolute hit among the hipsters and quirky fashion lovers, colored eyelashes Australia along with eyeshadows and liners are a perfect cue to add an element of enigma to your eye makeup. 

While you spent your whole day behind your face mask that practically renders everyone the same look, coloured eyelashes can make you stand out from the crowd. 




Considering a lash upgrade in 2021? Embellishments can be quite a domineering choice for many. 


Nevertheless, one can't deny its towering effect with multiple types of appliques (like glitters and gems lashes) that make them the ultimate pick turning heads all over. However, it is always recommended that you choose your embellishment according to the occasion, the party mood or theme to have the desired effect. 



Undeniably, wearing masks and being forced to stay at home following pandemic lockdowns have transformed us into reticent creatures. We have somehow grown fond of full-covered clothing and foundations, and not letting our natural skin shine through.

The cosmetics and make-up industry is also witnessing a steady departure from complexion as well as contouring oriented products. The focus now rests on more dewy, clearer skin in 2021. 


For anyone who visits the makeup studio for the best vegan eyelashes, demand the product to match their natural glass skin tone and texture.

This is where the wet look lashes set forth a stellar trend. They resemble a style that resides somewhere between an individual who has just washed their faces and right before they have fluffed it up. 


The particular look uses closed-volume, narrow fans to give shape to the right texture matching your dewy skin. In case, you are planning to create your own wet lashes extension looks, here are a few tips : 

  • Start by grabbing a handful of superfine cruelty free magnetic lashes extensions (not more than 0.07mm).

  • Next, instead of opening up the lashes in the shape of a fan, hold it closed and use a glue of low viscosity to apply it to your natural eyelashes.

  • The effect will replicate the classic lashes look, the only difference being, this one’s a lot bolder and thicker.

  • Furthermore, being a volume-infused lash, one can wrap it around the natural eyelashes for enhanced water retention look.

The resurgence of curled lashes 

Essentially a trend of yesteryear, curled eyelashes were reserved especially to work with hooded eyes.

However, in time, it has made a strong foray and is preferred by many youngsters owing to its unique capability to achieve a cat-eye look; especially the “M” and the “L” curls.

If you are eyeing a sultry sensual look that gives away the impression of wider and elongated eyes, curled cruelty free mink lashes can be your perfect choice for eye makeup.

Wrap up 

While face masks are destined to be a part of our lives for long, it makes sense to invest in the latest eye fashion trends like never before. As an increasing number of people are looking to buy magnetic lashes Australia, there’s no shying away from joining the trendsetter bandwagon. 


Drop us a line below, and let us know which of the three eye fashion trends you are excited to try.