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Here at Lesa Marie our mission is to offer Magnetic Eyelashes that are affordable, easy to apply and reusable. We are a brand that prides ourselves on offering products that are suitable for people of all backgrounds and age groups. We also wanted to include lashes that are vegan and cruelty free.

We have three collections of lashes made for every occasion.

·      FauxMink is our vegan and cruelty free collection that offer both an everyday and dramatic look.

 ·       Sunlight collection features a range of lashes that have a more natural everyday look.

·      Moonlight collection are lashes full in volume and add an extra dramatic flair to your look.

Express your personality with our collection of lashes.

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CHAMPAGNE - Lesa Marie



Testimony by

Karmell Mcallister

“All the sets are lovely, easy to apply, great on sensitive skin, very light and comfortable. All styles and sizes suit all. Best lashes 😍” 

Testimony by

Jaz O'connel

"Being a lash novice, these made the process seamless, from putting them on to taking them off. The faux mink are perfectly crafted to fit the eye, enhance any and every look and blend incredibly with the natural lashes. When taking them off they don’t leave a residue on the lash line, so it helps to keep my natural lashes untouched and healthy! Hands down my favourite pair of lashes compared to the many I’ve tried. Only pair that truely stay on, and look well blended the whole time! Super happy"

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